Parikh, Indira J.

Organization development interventions in Indian organizations by Indira J. Parikh (Working Paper, No. 1996/1320) Parikh, Indira J. - Ahmedabad Indian Institute of Management 1996 - 41 p.

The growth of an organization pulls people to change. Those who plan and initiate change grow. Those who do not, remain frozen in their roles and location. Organization Development and Design is a process decision which an organization makes to actively give shape and direction to the organization. This paper focuses on the leaders and top management making a choice for an OD intervention. This choice then leads to 1. Consultant s brief and scope of the intervention, 2. Methodology of the intervention, diagnostic study, presentation of the study, proposed action interventions and implementations and review and follow up. The paper then explores the significant dimensions of an OD exercise which consists of looking at History of growth and its impact on the current organization culture, impact of leadership profile, redesigning of organization structure and people interface, people profile, emergent organizational and managerial issues and strengths and limitations of the organization. Further exploration is done on the choices an organization can make for future directions. These choices are at the level of institutional, organizational, leadership, corporate, managerial roles, workers and organizational renewal and learning.


WP 1996 (1320)

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