Garg, Pulin K.

Transition in Indian society part II constituents of technological industrial society by Pulin K Garg, Indira J Parikh (Working Paper, No. 1992/1076) Garg, Pulin K. - Ahmedabad Indian Institute of Management 1992 - 42 p.

This paper explores the constituents of the technological industrial society. It historically reviews the emergence of new societal maps through Renaissance to second world war. It then crystallizes the constituents of the technological ethos. The constituents are mobility, structure of authority, creation of new goal sets, emergence of voluntary relations, extension of internship period, and the nature of work design. The above new processes confronts Indian men women with two contradictory forces. Individuals and society are pulled and pushed in multiple directions and have to make choices. The transition from one society to another anchored in two different ethos creates value dilemmas. One focuses on relationships while other focuses on tasks. These have implications for to-days younger generation in search for partnership and membership in both primary which is family and secondary which are formal work organizations.

Industrial society

WP 1992 (1076)

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