Desai, D. K.

Need for location specific rice research in India by D K Desai (Working Paper, No. 1984/507) Desai, D. K. - Ahmedabad Indian Institute of Management 1984 - 40 p.

This paper pertains to the problems of agricultural research management in India. Rice research has not yielded results of the same order as wheat research. The paper goes into the details of rice production, area and productivity by different states and districts. In the analysis of the growth-rates of production and productivity of different rice-growing districts, it was possible to identify high-production and high productivity growth-rate districts vis-a-vis high production and low productivity growth-rate districts. A conclusion is drawn that different kinds of rice varieties were needed for high-production low productivity districts. This can be done through a location specific research. Right kind of policy formulation has to be developed to undertake location specific research. It is through the research policies that mini-agro-climatic areas would be taken into consideration while evolving varieties and practices for rice.

Rice research

WP 1984 (507)

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