Tripathy, Dwijendra

Entrepreneurship and Indian management: a historian's glimpse of the future by Dwijendra Tripathy (Working Paper, No. 1984/499) - Ahmedabad Indian Institute of Management 1984 - 14 p.

The paper deals with the historical forces impinching on Indian managerial behaviour. Using this at the foundation the paper seeks to make protection about the organizational structure and managerial environment, which would emerge in Indian enterprises. The author feels that in view of the social and economic changes taking place in India, the business class is going to be more hydrogenous, the business families are going to break and more professionalized environment is going to prevail in India Business. He, however, feels that authoritarianism is going to remain a second element in the Indian managerial behaviour in the foreseeable future.

Indian management

WP 1984 (499)

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