Agarwal, Ritesh

Carbon finance: implications for India by Ritesh Agarwal (Student Project) Agarwal, Ritesh - Ahmedabad Indian Institute of Management 2008 - 28 p.

Submitted to Prof. P. R. Shukla

Global warming has become one of the most important and critical problem for the world. The rise in the global temperature is caused by the accumulation of the so-called "greenhouse gases", namely carbon dioxide (CO2), methane, nitrous oxide, and chlorofluorocarbons. Developing countries would bear the maximum brunt of global warming and climate change. The socioeconomic impact of climate change in developing countries will be significant. Rising temperatures and irregular precipitation patterns will impact negatively on agricultural crop yields, food security, and health issues related to malnutrition. An increased incidence and intensity of violent storms and monsoons will produce more flooding which, in turn, will cause greater damage to infrastructure and an increase in the incidence of vector-borne (e.g. malaria) and water-borne (e.g. cholera) diseases.

Carbon finance
Climate change
Global warming

SP 2008/1564

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