Report on trend and progress of banking in India, 2006-07 (CD)

Report on trend and progress of banking in India, 2006-07 (CD) - Mumbai Reserve Bank of India 2007 - With book (Acc. No.164140)

Table of contents

1. Overview
2. Policy developments in commercial banking.
3. Operations and performance of commercial banks.
4. Developments in co-operative banking.
5. Non- banking financial institutions
6. Perspectives

The banking industry the world over has undergone a profound transformation since the early 1990s. The changing operating environment for the banking sector, underpinned by globalization, deregulation, and advances in information technology has resulted in intense competitive pressures. Banks have responded to this challenge by diversifying through organic growth of existing businesses as well as through acquisitions. This has exposed the banking sector to newer risks and posed serious regulatory challenges. Regulatory and supervisory policies are, therefore, being continuously refined to meet the emerging challenges. The focus of regulatory initiatives has been on strengthening the financial institutions by aligning the prudential norms with the international standards, identifying systemic risks, and adopting appropriate risk-mitigating policies. While continuously striving to strengthen the prudential framework, regulators in recent years have also focussed on improving bank governance and information disclosures that enhance market discipline. In most cases, the regulatory initiatives have been guided by international best practices, adapted suitably to the domestic conditions. The major challenge facing the banking system and the supervisory authorities continues to be the maintenance of financial stability. This has become increasingly evident in the recent financial market turmoil following the unfolding of the US sub-prime mortgage crisis.

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