Rule of three (CD) - Mumbai Television Eighteen India Ltd. 2005 - Set of 4 CDs ( CD1005;CD1006;CD1007 & CD1008 ) - Lessens in Excellence .

Set of 4 CDs ( CD1005;CD1006;CD1007 & CD1008 )

Get a foot-hold in the evolving markets - from striving to thriving. 'The Rule of Three' is a complex and deeply sought after business model developed by Professor Jagdish Sheth from Emery University and Professor Rajendra Sisodia from Bentley college. It outlines the strategies and perspective needed to survive and thrive in competitive markets.This special CD series of Lessons in Excellence explains the 'Rule of Three' in a simple and lucid manner, enabling individuals and companies to leverage it for their business success.Based on the work of Dr. Jagdish Sheth, Prof. Charles H. Kellstadt And Dr. Raj Sisodia (co-authors of The Rule of Three - Surviving and Thriving in Competitive Markets). Hosted By Raghav Bahl.

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