Future of competition: based on the work of C. K. Prahalad and Venkat Ramaswamy, the writers of the future of competition ( CD ) - Mumbai Television Eighteen India Ltd. 2005

Classroom Series 3; 3 CD Pack. ( CD 986;CD987 & CD 988 )

Classroom with the Masters - Industry Analysis.The masters are sharing gems of stock market wisdom. Catch the legends Ravi Dattani and Atul Suri as they elucidate on how to make your rupee stretch further. To top it all, is an insightful journey of Industry Analysis wherein stock gurus throw light on the industries that have become the buzzword - Banking, IT, Steel, Media, Oil & Gas and of course, Power. Find what makes these industries tick, the factors affecting their growth, how to follow the trends and more. Hone your skills with Classroom, one of CNBC's most popular TV Show which is now available on a CD format. Understand the basics of financial planning, investing and managing money. Get answers to your questions on investing through concept explanations, examples and application in the real world. Profit from it.

Stock markets - Finance
Consumer behavior
Capital market
Industry Analysis


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