Classroom : answers to 'where do I invest?' and other critical questions (CD) - Mumbai Television Eighteen India Ltd. 2005 - Classroom Series 1; 3 CD pack - Classroom Series 1; 3 CD pack .

Disc 1: IPO and Mutual Funds;Disc 2: Bonds and Debt Markets;Disc 3: New Opportunities-mid cap stocks and commodities

Looking to make money out of the stock market but don't know how to invest or which scrips to buy? Scared of rumours? Confused between genuine tips and unwanted advice? It's time for the Classroom.Understand the basics of financial planning, investing and managing money. Get answers to your questions on investing through concept explanations, examples and application in the real world. Classroom helps the uninitiated retail investor who wants to invest - but doesn't know where. The idea is to empower the retail investor to take charge of his own finances. This series is aimed at getting the small investor to invest, and to guide him through the jargon that makes financial planning seem such a heavy task.

Investors Guide
Mutual Funds - Investments
Debt Markets
Bond markets


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