Consumer expenditure ( NSS Round 59,Sch.1.0 ) (CD) - New Delhi India. Minstry of Statistice and Programme Implementation 2003

The National Sample Survey (NSS), set up by the Government of India in 1950 to collect socio-economic data employing scientific sampling methods, will start its fifty-ninth round from 1st January 2003. Fifty-ninth round of NSS is earmarked for collection of data on land and livestock holdings, debt and investment and situation assessment for Indian farmers besides that on household consumer expenditure and employment-unemployment. The field operations of the survey will commence on 1st January 2003 and will continue up to 31st December 2003. The survey on rural debt and investment was again conducted by the RBI in the year 1961-62 for obtaining reliable estimates of debt, borrowings, capital formation etc. The next survey on the subject was entrusted to the NSSO by the RBI and was integrated with the survey on land holdings conducted in NSS 26th round.

Consumer expenditure survey


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