Derivatives markets 2nd ed. (CD) - Boston Addison-Wesley Publishing Company 2006

Some features of the book include: 1.Insights into pricing models. Formulas are motivated and explained intuitively. Links between the various derivative instruments are highlighted. Students learn how derivatives markets work, with an emphasis on the role of competitive market-makers in determining prices. 2. A tiered approach to mathematics. Most of the book assumes only basic mathematics, such as solving two equations in two unknowns. The last quarter of the book uses calculus, and provides an introduction to the concepts and pricing techniques that are widely used in derivatives today. 3. An applied emphasis. Chapters on corporate applications, financial engineering, and real options illustrate the broad applicability of the tools and models developed in the book. A rich array of examples bolsters the theory. 4.Option of pricing functions.

Derivative instruments
Financial engineering


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