Seshadri, Sridhar

HOM: operations management software for windows, Gaining Competitive Advantage from Operations (CD) Seshadri, Sridhar - Illinois Tata McGraw-Hill 2000

HOM is a user friendly, while analytically sophisticated windows-based Operations Management software package. The software focuses on Operations topics-as opposed to management science tools-and is more `conceptual' and less `technical' than most programs. For example, though the HOM modules have powerful algorithms such as linear and integer programming solvers built in, the titles of the programs are Process Analysis, Waiting Line Analysis, Inventory Management, Material Requirements Planning, Aggregate Planning, Forecasting, Quality Management, and Project Management. The data and parameters inputs are designed to provide a managerial orientation to problem solving. Data input for variables is through a spreadsheet format whereas the actual problem formulation is done through a Parameters Dialogue box. HOM has unique How To Solve ... help files that lead the user through a step by step problem solving procedure. These help files take the uninitiated user through all the steps required to formulate, solve, and interpret results. Technical manuals are also included in the CD.

HOM - Operations management software
Operations management software, HOM


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