Barlow, John F.

Excel models for business and operations management Barlow, John F. - 2nd ed. Wiley Student Edition - Chichester, West Sussex John Wiley & Sons, Ltd. 2005 New Delhi Wiley India Pvt. Ltd. 2005 - xv, 415 p.

Excel Models for Business and Operations Management adopts a structured approach to management decision-making by integrating the activities of a manufacturing organization. The text is entirely assignment-based and uses Microsoft's Excel software to develop over eighty models. Everyday examples from finance, marketing and operations management form the basis of the books hands-on development models. As in the previous edition, the emphasis is on the practical implementation of real-world models rather than traditional theoretical concepts. The books learn-by-example approach helps to develop both analytical and mathematical skills by focusing on the formulation and building of business models. The book is ideally suited to intermediate and advanced undergraduate courses, as well as MBA courses, in business studies, finance, accounting, information technology, and operations management. It should be of interest to managers and analysts who want to develop their model-building skills.

9780470015094 9788126509515 (Wiley India edn.)

Microsoft Excel (Computer file)
Business - Mathematical models - Computer Programmes
Business - Decision making - Mathematical models


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