Fishman, Allen E.

7 secrets of great entrepreneurial masters: the gem powerful formula for lifelong success Fishman, Allen E. - New Delhi McGraw-Hill Education 2006 - xxix, 231 p.

The Seven Secrets of GEMs: 1) Personal Vision 2) Look in the Mirror 3) Personal Plan 4) Results-Driven Communication to Make it Happen 5) Negotiating to Make it Happen 6) Creativity to Make it Happen 7) Changing Course Based on the traits and practices of successful entrepreneurs, the GEM Power Formula shows you how to integrate your personal and professional goals for maximum success and happiness. From the amount of time you want to devote to work and family each week, to the overall vision you have for your future, the Seven Secrets enable you to achieve your desires through the tested GEM process of self-exploration and planning. You get the strategies you need to - Identify your strengths and weaknesses; Develop your long-range plan for fulfillment; Smash through communication barriers; Create and embrace new ideas; Get the help and co-operation you need; Overcome roadblocks to your success


Vocational guidance
Quality of work life
Life skills
Success - Psychological aspects


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