Nilson, Carolyn

More team games for trainers: high involvement games and training aids for developing team skills including team learning, advanced team skills, trust-building, managing change, embracing diversity, creativity and innovation Nilson, Carolyn - Mumbai McGraw-Hill Education 2007 - xviii + 283 p.

"This long-awaited sequel to the classic bestselling manual, Team Games for Trainers, is based on a sophisticated new understanding of team dynamics, gleaned from nearly a decade of experience with all sorts of workplace teams. Containing 90 easy-to-facilitate training games, this up-to-the-minute, cutting-edge collection addresses new team issues like ""advanced team building,"" ""why teams fail,"" and team learning. Use these games to align individual and team goals, make diversity work, unleash creativity, and much more."


Teams in the workplace - Problems
Educational games
Group games..


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