The Sage handbook of qualitative research - 3rd ed. - Thousand Oaks Sage publications 2005 - xix + 1210 p.

The Sage Handbook of Qualitative Research, represents the state of art for the theory and practice of qualitative inquiry. Built on the foundations of the landmark first and second editions (1994-2000), the third edition moves qualitative research boldly into the 21st century. The editors and authors ask how the practices of qualitative inquiry can be used to address issues of social justice in this new century. Third edition represents a virtually new handbook. There are 14 totally new topics not touched upon in previous editions, including, among others, indigenous research, institutional review boards and human subject research, critical and performance ethnography, arts-based inquiry, narrative inquiry, Foucault, the ethics and strategies of online research, culture and investigative poetics, and the politics of evaluation.


Social sciences - Research
Qualitative research.


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