Thacker, Eugene

The global genome: biotechnology, politics, and culture Thacker, Eugene - Cambridge MIT Press 2005. - xxiii, 416 p. ill. ; 24 cm.

Includes bibliographical references (p. [347]-411) and index

Author has written an overview of current trends and developments in the technosphere of the life sciences, changes that are having a tremendous, though often latent, impact on everyday life on a global scale. The book combines a confident knowledge of biotechnology with a sharp eye for theory. He maps biopolitical economy of recombinant capital, biomaterial labour, technologies, biowar, and colonialism. The three sections of the book cover the three primary activities of biotechnology - Encoding/Production, Recoding/Distribution and Decoding/Consumption


Biotechnology industries
Genomic body
Biotechnology - Research
Biomaterial labour


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