Diamantopoulos, Adamantios

Introducing LISREL: a guide for the uninitiated Diamantopoulos, Adamantios - London Sage publications 2000 - xii, 171 p. - Introducing statistical methods .

This book provides a comprehensive introduction to LISREL for structural equation modeling (SEM) using a non-technical, user-oriented approach that. The emphasis is on: - exposing the reader to the major steps associated with the formulation and testing of a model under the LISREL framework - describing the key decisions associated with each step - highlighting potential problems and limitations associated with LISREL modeling - assisting the interpretation of LISREL input and output files. The overall aim is to provide a critical understanding of what is really involved in LISREL modeling and sensitize the reader against `mechanically' fitting or modifying models. The entire range of decisions associated with the practical application of the LISREL program is covered in a user-friendly fashion.


Social sciences - Statistical methods - Data processing


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