Edwards, David

Introduction to graphical modelling Edwards, David - 2nd ed. - New York Springer 2000 - xv, 333 p. - Springer texts in Statistics .

Includes bibliographical references (p. [317]-327) and index

Graphic modelling is a form of multivariate analysis that uses graphs to represent models. These graphs display the structure of dependencies, both associational and causal, between the variables in the model. This textbook provides an introduction to graphical modelling with emphasis on applications and practicalities rather than on a formal development. It is based on the popular software package for graphical modelling, MIM, a freeware version of which can be downloaded from the Internet. Following an introductory chapter which sets the scene and describes some of the basic ideas of graphical modelling, subsequent chapters describe particular families of models, including log-linear models, Gaussian models, and models for mixed discrete and continuous variables. Further chapters cover hypothesis testing and model selection. Chapters 7 and 8 are new to the second edition.


Graphical modeling (Statistics)


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