Keyton, Joann

Communication and Organisational culture: a key to understanding work experiences Keyton, Joann - Thousand Oaks Sage publications 2005 - 214 p.

This book to provide an introduction to different views on and approaches to the study of Organisational culture from a communication perspective. This text introduces the basic elements of Organisational culture including artifacts that emerge from the interactions of Organisational members.Author Joann Keyton uses a variety of lenses for understanding Organisational culture and integrates research findings as practical advice about managing, developing, and changing Organisational culture. Throughout, the book focuses on the communication practices and processes associated with Organisational culture by drawing heavily on Organisational culture research conducted by communication scholars and by illuminating the communicative aspects of Organisational culture research.


Organisational Behaviour
Corporate culture
Communication in management
Organisational change.
Communication in organization


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