Rousseau, Denise M.

Psychological contracts in organizations: understanding written and unwritten agreements - Thousand Oaks Sage publications 1995 - xv, 242 p.

Table of contentt

Chapter 1: Contracting: A Modern Dilemma
Chapter 2: Contract Making
Chapter 3: The Contract Makers
Chapter 4: Contemporary Contracts
Chapter 5: Violating the Contract
Chapter 6: Changing the Contract
Chapter 7: Business Strategy and Contracts
Chapter 8: Trends in the New Social Contract

Recipient of the George Terry Book Award sponsored by the Academy of Management "The incredible number of specific illustrations embedded in this text is a great asset. The book will be a good read for a potentially wide academic audience of professors and students (especially in psychology and business schools), anybody interested in contracts in the nonlegal sense, and for 'thinking managers' and practitioners. Psychological Contracts in Organizations will become a standard reference in the organizational sciences by 1997." -Richard Guzzo, University of Maryland, College Park This unique book examines the organizational, social, and psychological meaning of contracts, written and unwritten, in organizations. The author addresses a multitude of important topics, including contract making, interpretation of contracts, contracts that are emerging due to the turmoil.


Organisational Behaviour
Contracts - Psychological aspects
Commitment (Psychology)
Industrial relations


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