Tietze, Susanne

Understanding organizations through language - London Sage publications 2003 - 191 p.

Table of content

Spinning Webs of Meaning
Language and Social Reality
A Semiological Approach to Meaning Making
Understanding Organizations through Metaphor
Understanding Organizations through Stories and Narratives
Understanding Organizations through Discourse
Language, Culture, Meaning
Gender and Language
Leadership and Language
Meaning-Making in the Electronic Age

Taking issue with functional approaches to communication, Understanding Organizations through Language offers a viable alternative based on `webs of meaning'. Instead of viewing communication as a thing that can be unproblematically controlled and managed, the authors use semiology as a theoretical bedrock to develop a new metaphor for communication. Understanding Organizations through Language applies this approach to areas of interest, including: metaphor, story-telling, discourse, gender, leadership and electronic communication.
Spanning the gap between highly theoretical organization studies texts and highly prescriptive communication texts, the book talks to the reader in a sophisticated yet approachable style. This style is complemented by a range of examples, activities and mini case studies. Also included are chapter summaries and further reading suggestions, making this a useful text for both academics and students.
Advanced undergraduates and postgraduates will utilize this book for any course dealing with communication, particularly courses in HRM and organizational behaviour.



Communication in organizations


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