Kaul, Asha

Effective business communication - New Delhi Prentice-Hall of India 2000 - viii, 172 p.: ill. Includes index

Table of Contents

List of Exhibits
Principles of Communication
Oral Communication
Mechanics of Writing Report-Writing
Sections of the Report
Agenda and Minutes
Writing Letters
Applying for a Job

Today, communication is a prerequisite for progress in the rapidly changing environment, be it the social or the corporate environment learning and honing of these skills, oral as well as written, yield positive results effective Business Communication provides a step-by-step teaching methodology which enables the readers, through simple instructional tools, to improve their speaking and writing skills. The book begins with an exposition of the principles of communication, then it goes on to give a detailed description of oral communication, mechanics of writing, report writing and sections of a report besides, two chapters are devoted to a discussion of circulars, agenda, memo and minutes, and writing letters book concludes with comprehensive coverage of strategies for writing an effective resume and an impressive CV, and elaborates on the techniques for filling application forms designed as a text for management students, this book would be equally useful to corporate executives.


Business communication
Commercial correspondence
Business report writing

FP 651.7 / K2E3

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