Software pioneers: contributions to software engineering - Berlin Springer 2002 - 728 p.

CD-ROM Disk with the Reference and Circulation Dept.(4-CDs)

This book, coming with four DVDs, presents epochal works of 16 of the most influential software pioneers. Seminal historical papers, going back as far as to the 1950s, are complemented by new papers especially written by the software pioneers for inclusion in this book and by short biographical notes. The volume is based on a conference where the pioneers met and presented their assessment of the past, new ideas, and visions for the future. The volume editors coherently integrated the historical contributions with current aspects and future perspectives. The four DVDs included are an important supplement to the book providing more than 12 hours of video documentation. Besides a representative overview drawing together the highlights of the presentations, the video recording of each pioneer's talk together with the transparencies used is included. Together, the book and the four DVDs constitute a unique and major contribution to the history of software engineering.


Computer - Biography
Electronic data processing personnel - Biography
Software engineering - History.


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