Feminism and race

Feminism and race - New York Oxford University Press 2001 - xv, 559p. Includes bibliographical references and index. - Oxford readings in feminism .

The past two decades have seen the incursion of feminist thought into many academic areas. Within the academy, feminist approaches have gained some legitimacy and yet, simultaneous with these disciplinary advances, there have been charges of racism directed at feminist scholarship and practice. These charges have resulted in feminist work continuously reshaping itself.

This volume represents the strength as well as diversity of writings which discuss 'race' and feminism showing how these two areas, usually considered to be distinct and therefore discrete from each other, have developed. Feminism and Race includes articles spanning a number of disciplinary areas, such as history, literary analysis, sociology, and psychology and provides a history of how second wave feminisms have negotiated 'race' as well as suggesting what future directions these debates may take.



Minority women
Race relations
Minority women

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