Marketing analytics: essential tools for data-driven decisions

Venkatesan, Rajkumar

Marketing analytics: essential tools for data-driven decisions - Charlottesville University of Virginia Press 2021 - x, 294p.: ill. Includes notes, bibliography and index

Table of contents

Resource Allocation
Cluster Analysis
Conjoint Analysis
Linear Regression
Customer Lifetime Value
Marketing Experiments
Paid Search Advertising
Text Analytics
Logistic Regression
Recommendation Systems
Automation of Marketing Models
Implementing Marketing Analytics

This book provides practical predictive models in marketing. It strives to strike a balance between highly sophisticated models and managerial relevance. Through the diverse business cases in the book, readers learn how to connect marketing inputs to customer behavior and how to use historic information, experiments, or heuristics to develop forward-looking what-if scenarios and predictive models. The real-life cases include real data, enabling readers to take a hands-on approach to the analysis


Marketing management
Statistical methods
Marketing research

658.83 / V3M2

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