Financial shenanigans: how to detect accounting gimmicks and fraud in financial reports

Schilit, Howard M

Financial shenanigans: how to detect accounting gimmicks and fraud in financial reports - 4th ed. - New York Tata McGraw Hill 2018 - xii; 317p., ill. Includes Index

Preface: Reflections on My Last 25 Years

Part One: Establishing the Foundation

Chapter 1: 25 Years of Shenanigans

Chapter 2: Just Touch Up the X-Rays

Part Two: Earnings Manipulation Shenanigans

Chapter 3: Earnings Manipulation Shenanigan No. 1: Recording Revenue Too Soon

Chapter 4: Earnings Manipulation Shenanigan No. 2: Recording Bogus Revenue

Chapter 5: Earnings Manipulation Shenanigan No. 3: Boosting Income with One-Time or Unsustainable Activities

Chapter 6: Earnings Manipulation Shenanigan No. 4: Shifting Current Expenses to a Later Period

Chapter 7: Earnings Manipulation Shenanigan No. 5: Employing Other Techniques to Hide Expenses or Losses

Chapter 8: Earnings Manipulation Shenanigan No. 6: Shifting Current Income to a Later Period

Chapter 9: Earnings Manipulation Shenanigan No. 7: Shifting Future Expenses to the Current Period

Part Three: Cash Flow Shenanigans

Chapter 10: Cash Flow Shenanigan No. 1: Shifting Financing Cash Inflows to the Operating Section

Chapter 11: Cash Flow Shenanigan No. 2: Moving Operating Cash Outflows to Other Sections

Chapter 12: Cash Flow Shenanigan No. 3: Boosting Operating Cash Flow Using Unsustainable Activities

Part Four: Key Metrics Shenanigans

Chapter 13: Key Metric Shenanigan No. 1: Showcasing Misleading Metrics that Overstate Performance

Chapter 14: Key Metric Shenanigan No. 2: Distorting Balance Sheet Metrics to Avoid Showing Deterioration

Part Five: Acquisition Accounting Shenanigans

Chapter 15: Acquisition Accounting Shenanigan No. 1: Artificially Boosting Revenue and Earnings

Chapter 16: Acquisition Accounting Shenanigan No. 2: Inflating Reported Cash Flow

Chapter 17: Acquisition Accounting Shenanigan No. 3: Manipulating Key Metrics

Part Six: Putting it all Together

Chapter 18: The Unraveling

Chapter 19: The Forensic Mindset




Misleading financial statements
Accounting fraud
Financial statements

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