Handbook of research on comparative human resource management - 2nd - Cheltenham Edward Elgar Publishing 2018 - xi, 662 p.: ill. Includes references and index

Table of content

1 The meaning and value of comparative human resource management: an introduction / Chris Brewster
2 Comparative institutional analysis and comparative HRM / David G. Collings
3 Cultural perspectives on comparative HRM / Javier Quintanilla
4 Critical approaches to comparative HRM / Eero Vaara
5 Methodological challenges for quantitative research in comparative HRM / Barry Gerhart
6 The anthropological comparative method as a means of analysing and solving pressing issues in comparative HRM / Mary Yoko Brannen
7 Recruitment and selection in context / Leda Panayotopoulou
8 Comparative total rewards policies and practices / Peter J. Dowling
9 Comparing performance management across contexts / Jaap Paauwe
10 Human resource development: national embeddedness / Noreen Heraty
11 Comparative employment relations: definitional, disciplinary, and development issues / Chris Warhurst
12 The psychological contract within the international and comparative HRM literature / Paul Sparrow
13 Positive and negative application of flexible working time arrangements: comparing the United States of America and the EU countries / Heejung Chung
14 Comparative career studies: conceptual issues and empirical results / Emma Parry
15 Financial participation: the nature and causes of national variation / Erik Poutsma
16 Comparative perspectives on diversity and equality: the challenges of gender, sexual orientation, race, ethnicity, and religion / Esperanza Suarez
17 Organising HRM in a comparative perspective / Ina Aust
18 The intersection between information technology and human resource management from a cross-national perspective: towards a research model / Tanya Bondarouk
19 Sustainable HRM: a comparative and international perspective / Erik Poutsma
20 HRM practice and scholarship in North America / Randall S. Schuler
21 Revisiting the Latin American HRM model / Marta M. Elvira
22 HRM in Mexico, Central America, and the Caribbean / Miguel R. Olivas-Lujdn
23 Comparative HRM research in South America: a call for comparative institutional approaches / Michel Hermans
24 HRM in Western Europe: differences without, differences within / Paul Sparrow
25 HRM in the transition states of Central and Eastern Europe and the former Soviet Union / Snejina Michailova
26 HRM in the Middle East / Kamel Mellahi
27 HRM in Northern Africa / Torek Tantoush
28 HRM in sub-Saharan Africa: comparative perspectives / Geoffrey Wood
29 HRM in the Indian subcontinent / Manjusha Hirekhan
30 HRM and Asian socialist economies in transition: China, Vietnam, and North Korea / Malcolm Warner
31 Japan, South Korea, and Taiwan: issues and trends in HRM / Toru Kiyomiya
32 Comparative HRM research in Indonesia, Malaysia, and the Philippines / Jessica A. Los Banos
33 Styles of HRM in Australia and New Zealand / Stephen Frenkel
34 Future avenues for comparative human resource management / Elaine Farndale

Edited by three renowned specialists in comparative human resource management (CHRM) this expanded and updated Handbook explores the range of approaches for conceptualizing CHRM and highlights different policies and practices across the world.
Leading experts challenge the assumption that there are consistent solutions for managing human resources across nations. Valuing the importance of context, particularly at a national and regional level, the chapter authors question the ‘best practice’ solutions by discussing theoretical, issue-based and regional-based distinctions in HRM.
New to this edition:
• an extended focus on the most essential theoretical underpinnings of CHRM including an anthropological comparative method
• additional in-depth studies in comparative areas covering the range of current HRM practice, including sustainable HRM
• a broader set of countries and regions now including Central and South America, North and Sub-Saharan Africa, and Indonesia, Malaysia and the Philippines, to create the most comprehensive global coverage of comparative CHRM research.
This extensive Handbook is an essential resource for researchers and postgraduate students in international business, business administration, HRM, socio-economics and cross-cultural management.



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Human resource management
Comparative HRM

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