Reimagining capitalism: how business can save the world

Henderson, Rebecca

Reimagining capitalism: how business can save the world - UK Penguin Business 2020 - 322 p.: ill. Includes bibliographical references and index

Table of contents:

1. "When the fact change, I change my mind. What do you do, sir?": Shareholder value as yesterday's idea
2. Reimagining capitalism practice: welcome to the world, most important conversation
3. The business case for reimagining capitalism: reducing risk, increasing demand, cutting costs
4. Deeply rooted common values: revolutionizing the purpose of the firm
5. Rewiring finance: learning to love and long term
6. Between a rock and a hard place: learning to cooperate
7. Protecting what has made us rich and free: markets, politics, and the future of capitalist system
8. Pebbles in an avalanche of change: finding your own path toward changing the world

Free market capitalism is one of humanity's greatest inventions and the greatest source of prosperity the world has ever seen. At the same time, its single-minded pursuit of profit has led to rampant inequality and the looming threat of climate catastrophe - and now threatens to destroy the society on which it depends.
Rebecca Henderson, John and Natty McArthur University Professor at Harvard University, argues that business can simultaneously make a positive impact on the world by confronting the realities of our environmental crisis and the need to address social and economic inequality, while also delivering the sustained economic growth that brings prosperity and wellbeing to society as a whole.
Drawing on lessons from companies from around the world who are already making a positive difference, Reimagining Capitalism shows that this new approach is not only a moral imperative but also an extraordinary opportunity to drive growth and innovation in an increasingly competitive world. And, perhaps most critically, she suggests that it has the potential to balance the power of the market with the power of democratic, accountable government and strong civil society - the only long term solution to the problems that we face.


Business ethics
Social responsibility of business
Capitalism - Social aspects
Economic policy
Capitalism - Moral and ethical aspects

174.4 / H3R3

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