Development, sustainability and happiness: perspectives and challenges for youth 2025 - New Delhi Bloomsbury Publishing 2017 - xiv, 332 p. Includes bibliographical references and index

Table of contents

Section I: Youth and Development
1. It's All about Volunteering!
Mitez Sheth
2. Youth as a Driving Force for Achieving Sustainable Development Goals
Tanbir Ahmed Chowdhury
3. Some Reflections on Harnessing Youth Power for Development,
Sustainability and Happiness
Debendra Kumar Das
4. Youth Development in India: Trends and Policy Responses
Seema Joshi
5. Entrepreneurship for Youth Development
Tejveer Kaur
6. Skilling Youth: India's tryst with its Demographic Destiny
Raj Kishor Kampa
7. Marketing and Communication Channel for Youth Development
Eva Srivastava and Udit Narayan Mishra
8. Youth for Development and Happiness: Lessons from
Insurgency Related Conflicts in India
Meena Menon
9. A Study of Moral Connect Education: An Idea of a New Education Model
Amit Dey and Neha Vagel
10. Coping Strategies for Youth Affected/Infected by HIV
Anuradha Karmakar
11. Business Strategy for Sustainable Development: With Special Reference to
Indian Food Industry
Kirti Shubhi Saksena and Purvi Maghur
sECTION ii: Youth and Sustainability
12. Towards Sustainable Business and Society
Prashant Gupta
13. How Sustainable Development Leads to Happier Society and Serve Young
Generation a Better Future: A Happy Sustainable World
Rajiv R.Thakur and Jitender Sharma
14. Climate Change and Corporate Social Responsibility
Amrita Sengupta
15. Innovative HR Practices to Reach the Global Excellence
Richa Burman and Tulsee Giri Goswami
16. Marketing and Communication Channels for Young
Naveen Arora
17. Agri-preneurship: A Nascent Horizon for Economic Sustainability and
Conserving Ecology
Subhrasil Basu
18. Sustainable Energy Perspectives in Developing Countries
Sonar Deepesh
19. HR Practices for Achieving Competitive Advantage with Special Reference
to Banking Sector-an Empirical Study
S.A. Mufeed Ahmad and Qureshi Shazia
20. Skill Statements of Companies: An Analysis between Reality and Dreams
Sanskrity Joseph and G.K. Deshmukh
21. Measuring Sustainability Achieved by Lean Efforts in SMEs
Vinod Yadav, M.L. Mittal and Rakesh Jain
22. Sustainability Through Innovative Practices of Operational Management
and Supply Chain Management
Purshottam Khandelwal
23. Benefits Sought By Solar Energy Customers: A Factor Analysis Approach
G. Mahendar
24. Sustainability of M-wallet, Will it Die in Future? In Prospect of Indian Youth
Jalpa Ramnani and Jaysukh Suthar
25. An Analysis on Best Practices for Sustainability in Business: With Special
Reference to Marketing Strategy
Padmesh Sharma and Purvi Mathur
26. Recent Trends and Implications of Web 2.0 in Academic Libraries
Md. Sohail
27. Retail Market Sustainability through Co-operative Channel
Mohd. Zaid Siddiqui
28. On the Prospects of Polyface Farming in Reviving Indian Agriculture
Himanshu H. Halve
sECTION iii: Youth and Happiness
29. Happiness: The Power Within
B.K. Sister Jayanti
30. Happiness as Goal of Public Policy
Prabhat Pankaj
31. Sustainable Happiness
Harshavardhan Halve
32. Happiness
Ashok Bapna
33. Gross National Happiness, Bhutan's Development Philosophy
Ugyen Pelgen
34. Perceived Stress and Life Satisfaction among Students of Professional
Courses in Bhutan (Land of Happiness): An Empirical Study
Madhur Batra, Anti Ruddha Ghosh and Vani Narula
35. Reconciling Development with Happiness: Literary Reflections on
Human Contentment
Bhumika Sharma
36. Youth's Role in Building a Happy Nation
Akshat Jhalani and Lokesh Vijayvargy
37. Creating Happy Youthful India: Conditions of Happiness
Vaishali Sharma
38. Positive Youth Development: An Approach for Healthy
Development of Youths in India
Suman Rana
39. Happiness: A Key Determinant of Positive Organizational Scholarship
Ashish Johri, Isha Sethi and Stuti Johri
40. Role of Youth for Happy Nation
Shobhana Tiwari and Ashish Pradhan
41. Service Quality and Customer Satisfaction in Indian Banking Sector
Reena Kumari
42. Printed Books vs e-Books: Understanding the Attitude and
Preference of Readers in India
Megha Parmar

The book advocates a perspective on centrality of youth in achieving holistic development. Youth will have to play a pivotal role as they are the most affected by the challenges of un-sustainability and underdevelopment. Youth can act as a catalyst for bringing about the paradigm change.
The book is a collection of papers and articles by academicians and practitioners in the respective fields. This is divided into three parts covering the three themes of development, sustainability, and happiness. This book is useful for academicians, practitioners, and policy makers.


Economic development
Sustainable development
Youth 2025

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