Acta numerica Volume 23 2014 - Cambridge Cambridge University Press 2014 - 816 p.

Table of Contents

1. Communication lower bounds and optimal algorithms for numerical linear algebra G. Ballard, E. Carson, J. Demmel, M. Hoemmen, N. Knight and O. Schwartz
2. Mathematical analysis of variational isogeometric methods L. Beirão da Veiga, A. Buffa, G. Sangalli and R. Vázquez
3. Topological pattern recognition for point cloud data G. Carlsson
4. Numerical methods for kinetic equations G. Dimarco and L. Pareschi
5. Stochastic finite element methods for partial differential equations with random input data M. D. Gunzberger, C. G. Webster and G. Zhang
6. Numerical tensor calculus W. Hackbusch
7. Numerical methods with controlled dissipation for small-scale dependent shocks P. G. LeFloch and S. Mishra

Acta Numerica is an annual publication containing invited survey papers by leading researchers in numerical mathematics and scientific computing. The papers present overviews of recent developments in their area and provide state-of-the-art techniques and analysis.
A high-impact survey volume
Contributors are leading researchers
Covers topics of current interest and presents state-of-the-art overviews of them


Numerical geometric integration
Numerical analysis

519.4 / A2-2014

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