Krantz, Steven G.

Essentials of mathematical thinking - Boca Raton CRC Press 2017 - 335 p. Includes index - Textbooks in mathematics .

Table of Contents

First Thoughts.

Diverse Mathematical Thoughts.







Practical Matters.

Breaking the Code.

Discrete Problems.

Advanced Ideas.

Concluding Remarks

Essentials of Mathematical Thinking addresses the growing need to better comprehend mathematics today. Increasingly, our world is driven by mathematics in all aspects of life. The book is an excellent introduction to the world of mathematics for students not majoring in mathematical studies.

The author has written this book in an enticing, rich manner that will engage students and introduce new paradigms of thought. Careful readers will develop critical thinking skills which will help them compete in today’s world.

The book explains:

What goes behind a Google search algorithm
How to calculate the odds in a lottery
The value of Big Data
How the nefarious Ponzi scheme operates
Instructors will treasure the book for its ability to make the field of mathematics more accessible and alluring with relevant topics and helpful graphics. The author also encourages readers to see the beauty of mathematics and how it relates to their lives in meaningful ways.


Google search algorithm
Big Data

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