Dewdney, A. K.

Stochastic communities: a mathematical theory of biodiversity - Boca Raton CRC Press 2017 - xiv, 193p. With index

Table of Contents

1 The J-curve and the J distribution.
2 The J-distribution and its variations.
3 Sampling in practice and in theory.
4 Compiling and analysing field data.
5 Predictions from data.
6 Extending the sample.
7 Stochastic systems and the stochastic community.
8 The metastudy: A review.
9 Fossil J-curves.
10 Summary of theory and open problems.
Appendix A: Mathematical Notes and Computer Tools.
Appendix B: Results of the metastudy for the J distribution.
Appendix C: Results of the test for the J distribution in taxonomic data.

Stochastic Communities presents a theory of biodiversity by analyzing the distribution of abundances among species in the context of a community. The basis of this theory is a distribution called the "J distribution." This distribution is a pure hyperbola and mathematically implied by the "stochastic species hypothesis" assigning equal probabilities of birth and death within the population of each species over varying periods of time. The J distribution in natural communities has strong empirical support resulting from a meta-study and strong theoretical support from a theorem that is mathematically implied by the stochastic species hypothesis.


Population biology - Mathematical models
Species diversity - Mathematical models
Stochastic models

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