Schaefer, Marcus

Crossing numbers of graphs - Boca Raton CRC Press 2018 - xxvi, 350p. With index - Discrete mathematics and its applications .

Table of Contents

1. Introduction and History

Part I: The Crossing Number
2. Crossing Number
3. Crossing Number and other Parameters
4. Computational Complexity
5. Algorithms

Part II: Crossing Number Variants
6. Rectilinear Crossing Number
7. Local Crossing Number
8. Monotone and Book crossing numbers
9. Pair Crossing Number
10. k-planar Crossing Number
11. Independent Odd Crossing Number
12. Maximum Crossing Numbers

Part III: Applications
13. Crossing Minimization
14. Geometric Configurations

A Topological Graph Theory Basics
B Complexity Theory

Crossing Numbers of Graphs is the first book devoted to the crossing number, an increasingly popular object of study with surprising connections. The field has matured into a large body of work, which includes identifiable core results and techniques. The book presents a wide variety of ideas and techniques in topological graph theory, discrete geometry, and computer science.


Topological graph theory
Plane geometry
Graph theory
Algorithms - Complexity
Discrete mathematics

511.5 / S2C7

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