Cotton, Richard

Testing R code - Boca Raton CRC Press 2017 - xvii, 177 p. - Chapman & Hall/ CRC the R series .

Table of Contents

2.Run-time testing with assertive
3.Development-time testing with testthat
4.Writing easily maintainable and testable code
5.Integrating testing into your packages
6.Advanced development - time testing
7.Writing your own assertions and expectations
Answers to exercises

The problem with programming is that you are always one typo away from writing something silly. Likewise with data analysis, a small mistake in your model can lead to a big mistake in your results. Combining the two disciplines means that it is all too easy for a missed minus sign to generate a false prediction that you don’t spot until it’s too late. Testing is the only way to be sure that your code, and your results, are correct. Testing R Code teaches you how to perform development-time testing using the testthat package, allowing you to ensure that your code works as intended. The book also teaches run-time testing using the assertive package; enabling your users to correctly run your code. After beginning with an introduction to testing in R, the book explores more advanced cases such as integrating tests into R packages; testing code that accesses databases; testing C++ code with Rcpp; and testing graphics. Each topic is explained with real-world examples, and has accompanying exercises for readers to practise their skills - only a small amount of experience with R is needed to get started.


Computer program language
R - Computer program language
Computer software - Testing

005.30287 / C6T3

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