Sridharan, Sriraman

Foundations of discrete mathematics with algorithms and programming - Boca Raton CRC Press 2019 - xvi, 518 p. Includes bibliographical references and index

Table of contents

1. Sets, Relations and Functions.
2. Combinatorics.
3. Basics of Number Theory.
4. Introduction To Graph Theory.
5. Introduction To Algorithms.
6. Introduction To Logic.

Discrete Mathematics has permeated the whole of mathematics so much so it has now come to be taught even at the high school level. This book presents the basics of Discrete Mathematics and its applications to day-to-day problems in several areas. This book is intended for undergraduate students of Computer Science, Mathematics and Engineering. A number of examples have been given to enhance the understanding of concepts. The programming languages used are Pascal and C.


Computer science - Mathematics
Computer Literacy
Data processing
Machine theory

004.0151 / S7F6

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