Mityushev, Vladimir

Introduction to mathematical modeling and computer simulations - Boca Raton CRC Press 2018 - xvii, 222 p.

Table of Contents

I General Principles and Methods
1. Principles of Mathematical Modeling
2. Numerical and symbolic computations

II Basic Applications
3. Application of calculus to classic mechanics
4. Ordinary differential equations and their applications
5. Stochastic models
6. One-dimensional stationary problems

III Advanced Applications
7. Vector analysis
8. Heat Equation
9. Asymptotic methods in composites

Introduction to Mathematical Modeling and Computer Simulations is written as a textbook for readers who want to understand the main principles of Modeling and Simulations in settings that are important for the applications, without using the profound mathematical tools required by most advanced texts. It can be particularly useful for applied mathematicians and engineers who are just beginning their careers. The goal of this book is to outline Mathematical Modeling using simple mathematical descriptions, making it accessible for first- and second-year students.


Computer simulation
Mathematical models
Stochastic models

003.3 / M4I6

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