Madachy, Raymond J.

What every engineer should know about modeling and simulation - Florida CRC Press 2018 - xix, 151p. With index - What every engineer should know .

Table of Contents

1. Introduction.
2. Modeling and Simulation Method.
3. Types of Simulation.
4. Randomness in Models.
5. Simulation Input Analysis.
6. Simulation Runs and Output Analysis.
7. Engineering Case Studies and Examples.
Appendix A: Simulation Tools.
Appendix B: Simulation source code examples

This practical book presents fundamental concepts and issues in computer modeling and simulation (M&S) in a simple and practical way for engineers, scientists, and managers who wish to apply simulation successfully to their real-world problems. It offers a concise approach to the coverage of generic (tool-independent) M&S concepts and enables engineering practitioners to easily learn, evaluate, and apply various available simulation concepts. Worked out examples are included to illustrate the concepts and an example modeling application is continued throughout the chapters to demonstrate the techniques. The book discusses modeling purposes, scoping a model, levels of modeling abstraction, the benefits and cost of including randomness, types of simulation, and statistical techniques. It also includes a chapter on modeling and simulation projects and how to conduct them for customer and engineer benefit and covers the stages of a modeling and simulation study, including process and system investigation, data collection, modeling scoping and production, model verification and validation, experimentation, and analysis of results.


Simulation methods
Engineering models
Mathematical models

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