Vexler, Albert

Statistics in the health sciences: theory, applications, and computing - Florida CRC Press 2018 - xviii, 397p. With index

Table of Contents

1 Prelude: Preliminary Tools and Foundations

2 Characteristic Function Based Inference

3 Likelihood Tenet

4 Martingale Type Statistics and Their Applications

5 Bayes Factor

6 A Brief Review of Sequential Methods

7 A Brief Review of Receiver Operating Characteristic Curve Analyses

8 The Ville and Wald Inequality: Extensions and Applications

9 Brief Comments on Confidence Intervals and P-Values

10 Empirical Likelihood

11 Jackknife and Bootstrap Methods

12 Examples of Homework Questions

13 Examples of Exams

14 Examples of Courses Projects

This book should be appropriate for use both as a text and as a reference. This book delivers a "ready-to-go" well-structured product to be employed in developing advanced courses. In this book the readers can find classical and new theoretical methods, open problems and new procedures. The book presents biostatistical results that are novel to the current set of books on the market and results that are even new with respect to the modern scientific literature. Several of these results can be found only in this book.


Medical statistics
Medicine--research--statistical methods
Statistical hypothesis testing
Epidemiology--statistical methods

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