Wood, Kenny

Confident web design - London Kogan Page 2018 - x, 257 p. With index - Confident series .

Table of contents

Chapter - 00: Introduction;
Chapter - 01: How the Web Works and the Tools and Languages of Web Design;
Section - 1: HTML;
Chapter - 02: HTML Part 1;Chapter - 03: HTML Part 2;
Section - 2: CSS;
Chapter - 04: CSS Part 1;
Chapter - 05: CSS Part 2;
Chapter - 06: CSS Part 3;
Section - 3: JavaScript;
Chapter - 07: JavaScript Part 1;
Chapter - 08: JavaScript Part 2;
Chapter - 09: JavaScript Part 3;
Chapter - 10: JavaScript Part 4;
Section - 4: Putting Everything Into Practice;
Chapter - 11: Creating the Website;Chapter - 12: Getting Your Website Online;
Chapter - 13: Conclusion;

This is your ultimate beginner's guide to the skills of web design. Confident Web Design takes you on a practical journey during which you will discover the techniques to allow you to publish a basic website from scratch. Whether you want to develop web design skills to set yourself apart in a competitive job market, power your entrepreneurial pursuits by creating a new website to showcase your product or business idea, or simply boost your professional performance in your current job, Confident Web Design is the perfect beginner's resource.
In Confident Web Design, each chapter is supported by exclusive online exercises to allow you to put your knowledge into practice and perfect the techniques. The book's structure is designed to break down each skill into manageable chunks, aided by helpful examples, technical term glossaries, tables and images to support you as you learn. Written in accessible and engaging language, author Kenny Wood shares his passion and enthusiasm for modern web design through this essential guide.
Online Resources include practical exercises for readers to test out their new skills and consolidate their learning.



Computer program language
HTML - computer program language
Cascading style sheets
JavaScript - computer program language
Web site development
Web site design

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