Social inclusion and development - Jaipur Rawat publications 2018 - x, 324 p. With index 22 cm.


Part I: Introduction
1 Introduction / Richard Pais
2 Social Exclusion and Social Inclusion / M.H. Makwana
3 Existence, Identity and Beyond: Tracing the Contours of Dalit Literature / Paramjit S. Judge
4 Development, Quietism and the Social Practices of Freedom / Parthasarathi Mondal
5 Education and Identity: A Case Study of Santal Village of West Bengal / Sujata Chakraborty and Bhola Nath Ghosh

Part II: Social Inclusion and Development
6 Weaker Sections and Development: A Critical Evaluation / D. Venkateswarlu
7 Inclusion and Development in India: A Socio-Economic Perspective / V. Basil Hans
8 Promises and Challenges of Dalit Entrepreneurship Towards Inclusive Development / Sumit Saurabh Srivastava
9 Inclusive Education for Children with Special Needs: A Journey from Promises to Practice / Tattwamasi Paltasingh
10 Dalit Inclusion and Development / Vinay Rajath D.
11 Dalit Women and Work: Sociological Study of Household Footwear Work of Agra, India / Giriyappa Kollannavar

Part III: Social Exclusion and Unequal Development
12 Social Exclusion and Unequal Development / B.K. Nagla
13 Social Exclusion and Inequality: Challenges before a Developing Society / Ishwar Modi
14 Kudubis of Karnataka: Need for Social Inclusion / Y. Ravindranath Rao
15 Political Participation of Women in India / Shalip A.P.

The concepts of social exclusion and inclusion are commonly used in social sciences across various disciplines. Social exclusion is the process in which individuals or entire communities are systematically marginalized or denied full access to various rights, opportunities and resources.
Social reformers, social scientists, social workers and governments are now actively promoting the process of social inclusion of these excluded and vulnerable groups and individuals.
Social inclusion is a significant factor in social development. It is a series of positive actions to achieve equality of opportunities and access to goods and services to everyone in the society. This is a process to bring in all the marginalized individuals and communities in the mainstream of the development process.
This collection of articles covers a wide spectrum of social and economic problems related to social exclusion. Some contributors have also shown how social exclusion leads to inequality and uneven development. The book further examines various policies of social inclusion and the resultant development.



Social integration - India
Dalit women - India
Social conditions - India
Women in development - India.

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