Cumiskey, Kathleen M.

Haunting hands: mobile media practices and loss - New York Oxford university press 2017 - xii, 228 p. Includes bibliographic references and index

Table of Contents

List of Figures

Chapter 1 Introduction to mobile media and loss
Chapter 2 Co-present reconstructions of death, loss and mourning

Section I: Mobile-emotive rituals
Chapter 3 Companionship
Chapter 4 Affirmation and intensification
Chapter 5 Transitions and letting go

Section II: Ghosts in the mobile
Chapter 6 The selfie affect in disasters
Chapter 7 Open channeling and continuity
Chapter 8 Conclusion: mobilizing death


Haunting Hands looks closely at the consequences of digital media's ubiquitous presence in our lives, in particular the representing, sharing, and remembering of loss. From Facebook tribute pages during public disasters to the lingering digital traces on a smartphone of the deceased, the digital is both extending earlier memorial practices and creating new ways in which death and loss manifest themselves. The ubiquity of digital specters is particularly evident in mobile media spanning smartphones, iPads, iPhones, or tablets. Mobile media entangle various forms of social, online and digital media in specific ways that are both intimate and public, and yet the use of mobile media in contexts of loss has been relatively overlooked. Haunting Hands seeks to address this growing and important area by helping us to understand the relationship between life, death, and our digital after-lives.



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