Big data analytics: tools and technology for effective planning - Boca Raton CRC Press 2017 - xiv, 399p. With index - Big data series .

Table of Contents

1. Challenges in Big Data.
2. Challenges in Big Data Analytics.
3. Bigdata Reference Model.
4. A Survey of Big Data Analytics Tools.
5. Understanding Data Science Behind Business Analytics.
6. Big Data Predictive Modelling and Analytics.
7. Deep Learning for Engineering Big Data analytics.
8. A Framework for Minimising Data Leakage from Non-Production Systems.
9. Big Data acquisition, preparation and analysis using Apache Software Foundation Projects.
10. Storing and Analysing Streaming Data; A Big Data Challenge.
11. Bigdata Cluster Analysis: A Study of Existing Techniques and Future Directions.
12. Nonlinear feature extraction for Big Data Analytics.
13. Enhanced Feature Mining and Classifier Models to predict Customer Churn for an E-retailer.
14. Large-Scale Entity Clustering on Knowledge Graphs for Topic Discovery and Exploration.
15. Big Data Analytics for Connected Intelligence with the Internet of Things.
16. Big data-driven value chains and digital platforms: from value
17. Distant and close reading of Dutch drug debates in historical newspapers: possibilities and challenges of Big data analysis in historical public debate research.

The proposed book will discuss various aspects of big data Analytics. It will deliberate upon the tools, technology, applications, use cases and research directions in the field. Chapters would be contributed by researchers, scientist and practitioners from various reputed universities and organizations for the benefit of readers.


Big data
Business analytics
Big data analytics

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