Critical perspectives on hazing in colleges and universities: a guide to disrupting hazing culture - New York Routledge 2018 - xix, 172p. With index

Table of Contents


Part 1: Hazing in Context: History and Personal Experiences

Chapter 1 History and Definition of Hazing

Cristobal Salinas Jr. and Michelle L. Boettcher

Chapter 2 Testimonies: Hazing at First Hand

Michelle L. Boettcher and Cristobal Salinas Jr.

Part 2: The Role of Hazing in Organizations

Chapter 3 Hazing in Intercollegiate Athletics

Ethan Swingle and Cristobal Salinas Jr.

Chapter 4 Tradition or Torment: Examining Hazing in the College Marching Band

Jason M. Silveira

Chapter 5 Fraternity and Sorority Hazing

S. Brian Joyce and Jenny Nirh

Chapter 6 An Overview of Military Hazing in University Programs

Shawn Knight and Michelle L. Boettcher

Part 3: Hazing Policy

Chapter 7 Lessons Learned About Hazing from an Executive Director of National Organizations

Mary Peterson

Chapter 8 Policy and Hazing at the Federal and State Level

Cristobal Salinas Jr., Michelle L. Boettcher, and Jennifer Plagman-Galvin

Chapter 9 Preventative or Reactionary? Emerging Policies of Hazing in Postsecondary Education

Cameron C. Beatty

Part 4: Hazing Prevention, Awareness, and Education

Chapter 10 The Psychological Shadow of Hazing: Mental Health Issues and Counseling

Raquel Botello and Natalie Carlos Cruz

Chapter 11 An Appreciative Approach to Hazing Prevention

Jennifer L. Bloom and Amanda E. Propst Cuevas

Chapter 12 Preventing Hazing: Promising Practices for Colleges and University Administrators and Professionals

Michelle L. Boettcher, Cristina J. Perez, and Cristobal Salinas Jr.

Chapter 13 Closing Discussion: Disrupting Hazing Myths as a Strategy to Changing Culture

Leslie Schacht Drey, Natalie Rooney, Michelle L. Boettcher, and Cristobal Salinas Jr.

This important resource explores the political, cultural, and historical context of hazing at colleges and universities, and also highlights the diverse settings where hazing occurs on campus. Grounded in empirical practice and research, chapter authors discuss current hazing policies and implications to student success while challenging dangerous and harmful hazing habits. Unpacking common myths, this volume helps higher education and student affairs practitioners understand the implications of policy while providing best practices and practical tools for fostering safe and productive organizations on campus. Critical Perspectives on Hazing in Colleges and Universities helps readers continue to educate themselves in prevention while advocating for the lives of people affected by or vulnerable to hazing.



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