Irish, Paul

Hidden in plain view: the aboriginal people of coastal Sydney - Sydney University of New South Wales Press 2017 - xiii, 207p. With index

Aboriginal people are prominent in accounts of early colonial Sydney, yet we seem to skip a century as they disappear from the historical record, re-emerging early in the twentieth century. What happened to Sydney’s indigenous people between the devastating impact of white settlement and increased government intervention a century later? Hidden in Plain View shows that Aboriginal people did not disappear. They may have been ignored in colonial narratives but maintained a strong bond with the coast and its resources and tried to live on their own terms. This original and important book tells this powerful story through individuals, and brings a poorly understood period of Sydney’s shared history back into view. Its readers will never look at Sydney in the same way.


Social welfare - Rationing
Government policy
Economic sectors
Colonization and Social conditions
Race relations

305.899 / I7H4

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