Acta numerica Volume 6 1997 - New York Cambridge University Press 1997 - 551 p.

Table of Contents

1. Constructing cubature formulae: the science behind the art Ronald Cools
2. Wavelet and multiscale methods for operator equations Wolfgang Dahmen
3. A new version of the Fast Multipole Method for the Laplace equation in three dimensions Leslie Greengard and Vladimir Rohklin
4. Lanczos-type solvers for nonsymmetric linear systems of equations Martin H. Gutknecht
5. Numerical solution of multivariate polynomial systems by homotopy continuation methods T. Y. Li
6. Numerical solution of highly oscillatory ordinary differential equations Linda R. Petzold, Laurent O. Jay and Jeng Yen
7. Computational methods for semiclassical and quantum transport in semiconductor devices Christian Ringhofer
8. Complexity theory and numerical analysis Steve Smale.

Acta Numerica surveys annually the most important developments in numerical analysis. The subjects and authors, chosen by a distinguished international panel, provide a survey of articles outstanding in their quality and breadth. This volume includes articles on multivariate integration; numerical analysis of semiconductor devices; fast transforms in applied mathematics; complexity issues in numerical analysis.


Numerical analysis
Operator equations
Wavelets - Mathematics
Cubature formula
Differential equations - Numerical solution

518.05 / A2

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