Acta numerica Volume 4 1995 - New York Cambridge University Press 1995 - 491 p.

Table of Contents

1. Sequential quadratic programming Paul T. Boggs
2. A taste of Padé approximation C. Brezinski and J. van Iseghem
3. Introduction to adaptive methods for differential equations Kenneth Eriksson, Don Estep, Peter Hansbo and Claes Johnson
4. Exact and approximate controllability for distributed parameter systems R. Glowinski and J. L. Lions
5. Numerical solutions to free boundary problems Thomas Y. Hou
6. Particle methods for the Boltzmann equation Helmut Neunzert and Jens Struckmeier
7. The new QD algorithms Beresford N. Parlett.

Acta Numerica has established itself as the prime forum for the presentation of definitive reviews of numerical analysis topics. Highlights of this year's issue include articles on sequential quadratic programming, mesh adaption, free boundary problems, and particle methods in continuum computations. The invited papers will allow researchers and graduate students alike to quickly grasp the current trends and developments in this field.


Numerical analysis
Adaptive method
Sequential quadratic programming
Particle method

518.05 / A2

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