Williamson, Ben

Big data in education: the digital future of learning, policy and practice - London Sage Publications 2017 - xi, 236 p. Includes index

Big data has the power to transform education and educational research. Governments, researchers and commercial companies are only beginning to understand the potential that big data offers in informing policy ideas, contributing to the development of new educational tools and innovative ways of conducting research.This cutting-edge overview explores the current state-of-play, looking at big data and the related topic of computer code to examine the implications for education and schooling for today and the near future.Key topics income. The role of learning analytics and educational data science in schools. A critical appreciation of code, algorithms and infrastructure. The rise of ‘cognitive classrooms’, and the practical application of computational algorithms to learning environmentsImportant digital research methods issues for researchers This is essential reading for anyone studying or working in today's education environment!



Big data
Educational technology
Government policy
School education

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