Walters, David

Regulating workplace risks: a comparative study of inspection regimes in times of change - Cheltenham Edward Elgar Publishing Ltd 2011 - xiv, 378 p.

It examines the implications of the shift from specification to process based regulation, in which attention has been increasingly directed to the means of managing OHS more systematically at a time in which a major restructuring of work has occurred in response to the globalised economy. These changes provide both the context and material for a wider discussion of the nature of regulation and regulatory inspection and their role in protecting the health, safety and well-being of workers in advanced market economies.
With its comparative nature and empirical studies, this book will appeal to OHS policy makers and regulators all over the world, as well as students in the field of occupational health and safety regulation internationally.


Industrial safety - Evaluation
Industrial safety - Law and legislation
Industrial safety

658.382 / W2R3

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