Acta numerica Volume 15 2006 - Cambridge Cambridge University Press 2006 - 639 p.

Table of Contents:
1. Topological methods in finite-element theory Doug Arnold, Richard Falk and Ragnar Winther
2. General linear methods John Butcher
3. Wavelets, ridgelets and curvelets Emmanuel Candes
4. Linear algebra and data mining Lars Eldén
5. Numerical modelling of ocean circulation Bob Higdon
6. Roundoff properties of Lanczos and conjugate gradient algorithms Gérard Meurant
7. Applications of radial basis functions Robert Schaback and Holger Wendland.

Acta Numerica is a high-impact factor, prestigious annual publication containing invited surveys by leading researchers in numerical mathematics and scientific computing. The surveys present overviews of developments in their area and provide techniques and analyses. It is essential reading for all practitioners and researchers. This volume was originally published in 2006.
High-impact factor survey volume
Contributors are leading researchers
Covers topics of interest and presents overviews of them


Numerical Mathematics - Mathematics
Scientific Computing
Kernel Techniques
Numerical modelling - ocean circulation

518.05 / A2

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